In the heart of one’s home, there is always some form of a pantry stuffed with nonperishable staples like pasta, rice, canned seafood, and much more. Canned tomatoes stand out amongst the rest for more reasons than we can count.
With the help of canned whole tomatoes, pizza and pasta sauces come together in just minutes. On grilled cheese sandwich night, you’ll love whipping up a scratch tomato soup, and yes, the flavor is always superior to the premade version. Plus, depending on what you’re making, canned tomatoes can be used instead of fresh ones; often, it’s better for flavor and texture.
Before you start going down that fabled road of myths about canned food, we’re here to tell you most of them have been debunked by now. Preservation methods like canning help maintain and, in the case of tomatoes, encourage the further release of certain nutrients (per Healthline). So don’t think twice about stocking up on those tin cans; go ahead and grab your favorites.
Know the difference in each type of canned tomato
Always have canned paste and tube paste on hand
Skip canned tomato soup and make your own

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