The mono diet is a slightly different type of diet which includes sticking to one particular type of food and chucking the rest. Each meal of the day includes a certain type of food for example, leafy green vegetable. This means that the diet cannot have carbohydrates or non vegetarian food at all. By sticking one particular type of food item, our body is forced to use up the energy and fat that is already there in our body. This accelerates weight loss and has been considered very effective by experts. In this article, we discuss what the mono diet is and everything else you might want to know.

What Is Mono Diet?

This diet is also referred to as monotrophic diet. Experts have asserted that it definitely leads to faster weight loss. But whether or not it is recommended for people is still unclear because this type of diet has not been backed by science. Generally it is recommended that people follow a diet that includes foods of all variety because of the nutrients they are made of. A diet like the mono diet could often lead to deficiencies in the nutrients because a person is only consuming a certain type of food. It eliminates the majority of the calories that a regular or balanced diet provides to our bodies. It is necessary for our body to get an optimal amount of nutrients on a daily basis. The mono diet is not all recommended for people who are already experiencing deficiencies, or are underweight or do not need to cut down on any kind of food. It is mostly recommended for people who are looking to loose weight or are to looking to gain muscle fast.

The most alluring feature of mono diet is its ability to induce weight loss by minimum calorie intake. This is one of the reasons why people looking to loose weight go for this diet. If a person were to diligently follow this diet, he or she might even be able to curb their cravings for foods that loaded with trans fats and that could lead to weight gain and bad health. You deprive your body of a variety of vital nutrients if you eat just one meal, like bananas.

Is This Diet Effective?

This diet is indeed effective for weight loss but experts have issue a word of caution regarding it as well. By following this diet, people might miss out on some essential nutrients which can give rise to other health problems and diseases and also might slow down your metabolism. Another negative aspect of this diet is that it can lead to weight gain when a person stops following this diet. This diet cannot be followed forever and it is not recommended.

Macronutrients such as crabs, proteins and fats are all essential in a balanced diet and they should be consumed in equal amounts for better health benefits. The mono die on the other hand does not ensure the equal intake of all these different nutrients. So, if a person for were to follow a diet where he or she ends up consuming a lot of bananas, he or she can risk developing type two diabetes and even raise the level of insulin in the body.

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