The scorching heat is getting unbearable, making us wish for some rain more than ever. While we are getting a splash of rain once in two-three weeks, the full-fledged monsoon is yet to come. With monsoon, the temperature goes down and nature gets greener everywhere. We understand that there are multiple reasons to celebrate the monsoon, but there are a few things we must keep in mind to make the season yet more cheerful. First is taking care of our diet to avoid gut-related problems, seasonal fever and more. And the second point is – of course – keeping the food safe to avoid such problems.

Monsoon brings along moist weather and its share of food troubles – unpleasant forms of fungus, bacteria etc. spoil the food sooner. Even keeping food in the refrigerator might not help it stay fresh if the appliance is not cleaned properly or has the right temperature setting. Fret not, we have found some easy solutions for you. We have listed some tips that can help keep food safe and fresh for long during the monsoon. Take a look.[Read more]