If you’re a meat lover, chances are that few dishes appeal to you more than a perfectly seasoned, expertly seared, and patiently rested steak. Whether your cut of steak is a beefy ribeye, a well-marbled porterhouse, the steakhouse favorite New York strip, or a classic filet mignon, there can be little better accompanied by the perfect side dish, such as a baked sweet potato or balsamic-roasted Brussels sprouts.
Typically, when we think of cooking steak, we consider hot-and-fast methods such as a short-and-sweet sear in a skillet or a quick trip to a rip-roaring-hot grill. Most of the cuts we’re familiar with should be served no more than medium-rare, according to My Chicago Steak, to fully enjoy its meaty flavor and preserve those delicate juices. But did you know that steak can be slow-cooked, too? It all depends on the cut you choose, and one less well-known one, the under blade steak, is an ideal candidate.
The under blade cut can be braised until tender
According to The Spruce Eats, this long-maligned cut of steak sliced from under the cow’s shoulder blade has made a comeback. While not as tender as nearby steak cuts, such as a flat iron steak, the under blade is a versatile piece of meat. When the fat and connective tissue are properly trimmed, it can be quick-cooked in the manner most of us are familiar with when it comes to steak: grilled or broiled until medium-rare inside. But unlike most steak cuts, the under blade takes just as well to slow-cooking since it maintains its integrity throughout the low and slow process.

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