Delicious vegan recipes can be hard to come by, but I have a few more that you MUST try. They are so delicious and easy that everyone will want a taste of! Check out this Buddha Bowl, this Air Fryer Falafel, or these delightful cabbage steaks.

Not only will any of your vegan friends go crazy over these cookies, but everyone else will too. In fact, I bet that once you eat these, you won’t be able to tell the difference between them and classic chocolate chip cookies! And not only that… This version has the same texture. Nice and soft and chewy. It takes a lot to convince me that something can be different from the original and taste just as good, but… These totally do.

In order to make this recipe vegan, I used vegan butter, vegan chocolate chips, and some ground flaxseed. If you are familiar with vegan cooking, you probably already have these on hand; if not, you can find them at any local grocery store. Bake these up for any gathering, and your vegan friends will not stop thanking you! They are so good!

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