Kids Cooking is here for our last episode of the year. This month features Jeff and Sandy Kreinbring with their two daughters, Claire and Natalie who will be making Flaky Beef-Stuffed Pinwheels in the shape of a Christmas tree to celebrate this magical time of the year.
Once a month, our host and guest chefs prepare and present an easy-to-follow recipe. This program will encourage skill building and activity as a family — all around the theme of food and food preparation. New shows are posted about once a month. Claire and Natalie shared their favorite holiday traditions. Natalie enjoys sledding and putting presents under the Christmas tree.

Claire said it’s “pretty special” when their family from Connecticut travel to Iowa to visit, which they “don’t do very often.” She also enjoys her dad’s candy cane milkshakes, made with ice cream, milk and candy canes.

The girls also like setting out cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus and sprinkling oats on the deck for the reindeer, they said. kids Cooking host Danielle Tribble, event support specialist with The Gazette, said one of the things he worries most about during the holidays is wrapping presents.

Jeff jokingly advised Tribble to “do a really bad job,” so someone else will wrap the presents for him. Sandy said her advice is to not let her husband Jeff wrap the presents.

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