Martin Lewis, the popular money-saving expert, has outdone himself in 2022, helping millions of Britons to navigate a desperately bleak cost of living crisis with thoughtful financial advice at a time when many are in need of all the practical help they can get.
Bringing compassion and expertise to his appearances on his ITV programme The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, via his BBC podcast, his website and newsletter and through his regular media interviews, Lewis is providing a welcome public service to those struggling to make ends meet.
No concern is too small to warrant his attention and, in the latest episode of The Martin Lewis Podcast, the financial guru revealed an ingenious approach to calculating the cheapest way to cook a meal at home.
Following a discussion about the merits of using a dehumidifier to dry clothes rather than switching on the central heating – in which he instructed listeners to measure the wattage of appliances against an average cost of domestic energy usage of 34p per kilowatt per hour – he encouraged his audience to consider whether acquiring an air fryer might likewise prove cheaper than cooking with an oven or a microwave on the same basis.

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